Antenatal Ireland

Antenatal Ireland are Cuidiú trained and registered antenatal educators who work throughout Ireland.


Please contact to register your interest for upcoming classes.

Antenatal Ireland Educators:

  • Have completed a two-and-a-half-year Diploma in Antenatal Education.
  • Are Licensed to practice by Cuidiú who are a nationwide parent-to-parent support group run by volunteer parents.
  • Undergo continuous education to maintain their licenses to practice and for quality assurance.
  • Are facilitators of presentations and lectures on antenatal education to health professionals and midwifery students.

There are antenatal courses and there are Antenatal Ireland Courses!

Antenatal Ireland courses follow a format that is unique in antenatal education in Ireland:

  • Small groups sizes allow time for questions and to get to know others.
  • Facilitated by highly educated professionals.
  • Evidence-based information imparted in an empowering, interactive and practical way.
  • All birth options are discussed so that you can work out how you’d like to approach labour, rather than telling you the ‘right’ way.
  • At times that suit you.
  • Education for informed decision making in childbirth and early parenting.
  • The classes aim to provide unbiased information on all aspects of giving birth to assist you in making your own informed choices.

The classes cover:

  • What to expect during the birth process and working towards your choices
  • Pain relief: both hospital methods and natural comfort measures such as breathing, relaxation, positions and massage.
  • Common hospital procedures
  • Caring for your newborn, including feeding information
  • Signs of labour
  • How the pelvis/uterus works to birth your baby
  • Hormones at work during labour
  • Informed decision making to help you communicate with medical professionals
  • The role of the birth partner
  • Postnatal information – delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin, placenta, breastfeeding, settling a baby, safe sleeping
  • Information tailored to individual needs – small, informal group setting with time for your questions and discussions
  • 1-Year’s cuidiu membership included

The ethos of Cuidiú is that we facilitate small groups to encourage group learning, discussions and interactive activities.

Please contact for info about upcoming classes.