Breastfeeding and Sleep

“My Paediatrician/Child Health Nurse/ Home Visitor/ GP have told me that my baby doesn’t need night feeds, and I should cut back, how do I night wean?”

As a group, Cuidiú do not advocate for parent-led night weaning before 18 months as prior to this your child has not yet reached a level of development where they can understand what is going on. Weaning before this age, should be done under the guidance of an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. 

Night weaning does not mean an end to night waking and should therefore not be something parents feel they ‘need’ to do to get their child sleeping ‘better’. Most professionals who place an age limit on the necessity of night feeds do so with little evidence to back them and with very little understanding the all-encompassing role night nursing has in meeting our baby’s night time needs that extend much farther than the nutritional value of the milk they take in.

My baby wants to feed every wake up – are they really hungry every time? 

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