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My baby will only sleep in my arms, what can I do to get them down, I can’t get anything done?
Belly Belly – the 4th trimester
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – The 4th Trimester
Pinky McKay – Baby will only sleep in my arms
Pinky McKay – Sweet Dreams Tips
Boba – The 2nd nine months
Breastfeeding Today – Why babies need to be held
Basis Online


My baby only sleeps 20-45 mins, how can I make their day sleep longer? Catnapping
Belly Belly – Catnapping Answers
Pinky McKay – How can I get my baby to sleep more than 45 mins
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – In defence of catnaps
The Milk Meg – The beloved nap time


How can my partner get our baby to sleep, they just want Mum and it’s stifling?
Pinky McKay – When your child prefers one parent
The Milk Meg – Dads don’t need bottles to bond
The Gentle Sleep Book


My baby was sleeping through the night (or chunks of a few hours at least) at 3 months but at 4 months it all went to pot and now at 5 months /10 months / 12 months they fight sleep to the death and wake so often, what is going on?!?
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – 4 month old sleeping like a newborn again
Pinky McKay – The myth of sleep regressions
Belly Belly – Changes at 4 months
Evolutionary Parenting- Normal infant sleep
Evolutionary Parenting – Sleep regressions
Evolutionary Parenting – Helping baby sleep
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – What the heck goes wrong at 8-10 months
Belly Belly – Your baby at 16 weeks
Belly Belly – Your baby at 35 weeks
Belly Belly – Your baby at 52 weeks
Evolutionary Parenting – Toddler sleeping – should we worry


My baby will only fall asleep at the breast / on me but I’m returning to work so I need to break this habit, what do I do?
Evolutionary Parenting – Transition to a new caregiver
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – Baby napping in daycare
Beautiful Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding and returning to work


My baby is waking SSSSSOOOOOO many times each night and I am so exhausted. I have tried everything to get them sleeping longer but nothing works, what can I do to survive? Is this even normal?
Evolutionary Parenting – When your infants sleep isn’t normal
Grubby Mummy Blog – If you don’t want to sleep train
Evolutionary Parenting – Coping with sleep deprivation
Ask Dr – The high needs baby
Belly Belly – Too tired to be a good mum
Grubby Mummy Blog – Extreme night waking
Raised Good – Sleep training isn’t the answer


My baby is waking very early in the day, tips for getting them to sleep a bit later?
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – Stopping early waking


I am told that if I never teach my baby to self soothe they’ll need me to help them to sleep forever and won’t get the restorative sleep they need, is this true?
Pinky McKay – Self settling is not the holy grail
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – Self soothing babies are not self soothing at all
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – Real reasons why you cannot teach babies to self soothe
Evolutionary Parenting – Educating the experts on self soothing
Uncommon John – Self soothing is the biggest lie
Raised Good – Self soothing is the biggest con


Tell me again why I don’t want to sleep train?
Sarah Ockwell-Smith – 10 reasons not to sleep train your baby
Raised Good – Lets nurture babies
Grubby Mummy Blog – In defence of the sleep associations
Belly Belly – Sleep training – 6 things to consider
Evolutionary Parenting – A critical look at controlled crying
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Pinky McKay – Sleep trainers
Psychology Today – Don’t sleep train a baby


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